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She Shreds australia

"promoting girls'skateboarding"

skateboard she shreds australia girl
           Our Mission

To promote and progress girls skateboarding in Australia, through establishing a community of like-minded and passionate skaters and supporters locally, Statewide and Nationally.

skateboard she shreds australia girl
           Our Vision

To be at the forefront of female skateboarding in Australia; from the grass roots learners through to professional international competitors.

To promote a safety-first approach and promoting safe risk-taking, courage and resilience.

To develop and promote a clear pathway that allows each girl to achieve their personal goals in skateboarding, whatever they might be.

To establish skateboarding communities in regional areas within Australia, and work with Councils and skateboarding groups to improve skateboarding facilities.

skateboard she shreds australia girl
           Our Values


Recognise and celebrate each member for their individual strengths.

Make a contribution to the group by sharing knowledge and teaching each other.

Life-long friendships for girls and families, support of each other through skateboarding and in life.

Develop self-confidence, resilience, courage and bravery in skateboarding and in life generally, and share these experiences with their friends and thier families

she shreds australia
           Our Goals


Introduce skateboarding to girls as a safe, healthy and challenging fitness and wellbeing development opportunity.

Conduct learn to skate programs in schools and through council partnerships, and develop facilities for skateboarding both privately and in the community.

Implement recognised leadership programs within the group.

Run girls' skateboarding competitions.

Support girls to enter National and International competitions and have girls representing Australia in the Olympics and X-Games.

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