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She Shreds Testimonials...

"Sometimes i feel scared but I love it when i can do new tricks"

Ellie - 11 years old

"It is great to see your daughter take on challenges and overcome her fears. As a parent it is a great moment when good, kind adults are able to teach your kids in a way that you can't. Jared has taught Estella more about courage and resilience than I ever could!" Sam (parent)

"I like skateboarding because I think to myself if I get good enough I would be able to go to international comps and meet lots of famous female skaters and that would be so much fun and I like skateboarding because it's fun and makes me happy and I want to teach other girls how to skate and get better". Clare - 12 years old

"I love skateboarding because I don't have to think about anything else and I can just have fun. I feel free." 

Anneka - 9 years old

“Skating has become my family.  Before I started She Shreds I didn’t have many friends who were girls, but now I have joined She Shreds it has become my entire family and all the tricks everyone learns makes me feel like skate boarding isn’t just for boys, it’s for everyone in the world to do."

Holly - 11 years old

Jared is a fantastic teacher and motivator. He has created a caring culture at She Shreds, with emphasis on respect,  teamwork and overcoming your fears. It's wonderful to see how the girls' confidence grows with the support of Jared and the other Shredders. -  Miranda 

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